• Image of Triangle Series Prints

The Triangle. A three-sided forefather to all shapes. Whether it be equilateral, obtuse, right, scalene, or oblique the elder of Euclidean geometry influences your life tremendously on a day to day basis. Some shapes even grow up hearing stories of the great feats and contributions Triangle has given history. From the Pyramids to the Empire State Building, Triangle has shaped the world in every way possible. My recent series of digital art pays homage to this most famous of famous polygons. Curated by pop culture, album artwork, and political figures. 8x8 will be the standard shipping size. Printed on card stock, matted to foam board. (follow this link for great frames: https://tinyurl.com/8x8-frame)

Original digital art by shedrick pelt.

More: http://sdotpdotmedia.com/post/161350851693/the-triangle